Monthly Bread Club Subscriptions

We offer a recurring Monthly Bread Club Subscription service, for those of you who want to rest assured in the knowledge that our bread will be on your table, countertop, whathaveyou, at least once per week, every month.

Each month is paid in advance, with convenient weekly delivery or pick-up options (please contact us for specifics). Your Subscription guarantees that you’ll get your bread or bagels, scones or pretzel buns – we will not sell your allotted product to anyone else.

One-Off Orders

Whether you’re swinging through the SYV for a couple of days, or just remembered that you have company this weekend, we’ve got you covered. No commitment, here; just tasty baked goods. Place your One-Off Orders for bread or bagels, scones or pretzel buns, choose pick-up* or delivery, and we’ll see you, soon…and hopefully, often.

We anticipate only a certain volume of baking each week, so please place your order as soon as is humanly possible to ensure that you secure your requested number of loaves or baked goods.

PLEASE NOTE: There is at least a three-day lead-time required for all orders. This allows us to properly prepare your individual loaf, bagel, scone or roll order, with the attention to quality that each little baked product deserves.

Visit our “Order” page to fill your cart, place your order, or to contact us with any questions, special requests or concerns:

* Until we establish a specific “pick-up” location, please contact us to discuss “pick-up” option details.